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Teacher John Paul Alvarez Runs For State Representative – District 53

John Paul Alvarez for Florida State Representative – District 53

July 20, 2012

By: Citizens for a better Florida

The 2011 and 2012 Legislative Sessions proved to be one of the most extreme sessions in Tallahassee we’ve had yet. The public employee was under attack – teachers, firefighters, police, union members, and other public employees were treated as if they were the problem to our state’s budgetary problems.

This vehement attack on the average Floridian motivated a young, charismatic high school teacher by the name of John Paul Alvarez to stand up and make a difference.

Sitting at home after a long day of teaching, Alvarez was reading the headlines – Teacher Merit Pay, Public Employees 3% salary contribution, and additional Tax Breaks to Corporations had made it into our state’s budget and had become law. These were factors that led him to question: Who is putting people first before all decisions that happen in Tallahassee? At the same time, Alvarez also felt like his own legislative delegation from Brevard was not representing the working middle class citizen. From that day on, Alvarez embarked on a life changing journey.

For the past 16 months John has been running for State Representative in southern Brevard county – a mostly low socioeconomic area with a high unemployment rate of about 9.8%. Alvarez is running on the platform of “putting people first” and vows to be the people’s candidate. “This isn’t about me and it isn’t about my opponent. This election is about our values, our priorities, and our future as a state,” says Alvarez.

John Paul Alvarez is a high school teacher, coach, and community leader in the city of Palm Bay. He is a native Floridian, University of Central Florida graduate, and a tutor for English language learners. He is first generation American; his family comes from the island of Cuba.

John is running in the newly drawn House District 53, which is an open seat with no incumbent. It is essentially the southern half of Brevard County and includes it’s largest city of Palm Bay – which surpasses Orlando in land area. Along with Palm Bay, the cities of Melbourne, West Melbourne, and many smaller towns are also included. He is running on a platform that includes: job growth and economic development, education reform, equality, and protecting citizens from unfair taxes and unfair insurance rates.

The breakdown of registered voters for House District 53 is as follows:

  • Gender: 46% Male (46,853)  54% Female (53,981)
  • Race/Ethnicity: 76% White, 12% African-American, 7% Hispanic, 5% Other
  • Political Party: 38% Democratic, 37% Republican 24% Independent

House District 53 has voted 54% for Alex Sink in 2006, and 49.1% for Barack Obama in 2008. It is a district that John Paul Alvarez can win with enough financial resources and volunteers. “I will win this seat because of support within my district, and outside of my district. This is a state race, and I welcome any support from people all over Florida,” says Alvarez. “We have a fundraiser in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday August 18th, and like that one I am also looking for people to host fundraisers in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa.”

Endorsements: Palm Bay Police FOP Lodge 111, Palm Bay Professional Firefighters Local 2446, National Education Association, Brevard Federation of Teachers, Space Coast AFL-CIO, and Florida AFL-CIO.

For more information on John Paul Alvarez, please visit Alvarez can be reached at

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Florida’s Rules Don’t Protect Interests Of Students Or Taxpayers

Florida’s Rules Don’t Protect Interests Of Students Or Taxpayers

In February, Florida police officer Robert Ascencio, now president of the Florida Public Employees Partnership, penned a disturbing overview of investigations into Florida charter schools. The investigation Ascencio was part of found “owners of the management companies were either the same as the school founders or were directly connected to them.” And that “all of [these] revealed major conflicts of interests in most of the decisions made on the spending of tax dollars and education of students.”

Worst of all, his investigation found that the “majority of these schools were found to be ill-equipped with teaching materials that often were substandard to those in public schools.”

Florida’s lawmakers and policymakers excessively favor charter schools in a manner that does not rise to Wise’s irreparable-harm standard. While charter-school lobbyists bemoan the singling out of a few bad apples, it’s clear that the current measures aren’t protecting the interests of Florida’s children, families and taxpayers. For the state’s charter schools, accountability has been defined downward.

Read the article in its entirety here…

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Why Geno Perez Switched from The School Board Seat to State Rep Race?

Why Geno Perez Switched from The School Board Seat to State Rep Race?

When Eugenio “Geno” Perez decided to run for State Representative everyone asked, why? As a seven year veteran Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher, former Bureau of Prisons Officer and Marine, “Geno” made an ideal candidate for School Board Member.

Now setting his sights on his candidacy for State Representative, Eye on Miami Blog asked the million dollar question:

From the Eye on Miami Blog: “I asked Geno (Eugenio) Perez why he make the switch from a school board race:

‘After careful consideration, I decided to pursue a run for State Representative District 115. As an educator, I cannot allow anti-public education laws to continue to be part of my opponent’s legislative agenda. I still consider the School Board as an important body that can initiate much needed change, however, educations biggest challenges are coming from Tallahassee.

For example, my opponent Mike Belica voted to increase the cost of College Tuition at FIU by 15%. He also voted to increase homeowners insurance, and sponsored the anti-public education ‘Parent Trigger Bill’. The sad thing is that he sits on the education committee. Therefore, based on the urgency to save education and revitalize the local economy, my colleagues, community leaders and friends have urged me to run for State Representative.”

Read More Of The Article Here…

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Campaña De Obama Va Por Sufragio Latino

Campaña De Obama Va Por Sufragio Latino

WASHINGTON.— En un intento por asegurar el voto latino y ahuyentar el ambiente de enojo y decepción que han dejado las redadas y deportaciones, la campaña del presidente Barack Obama ha optado por reforzar su estrategia publicitaria para evitar el voto útil de los hispanos a favor de Mitt Romney.

En una serie de mensajes que han comenzado a difundirse en estados clave para el voto latino como Florida, Nevada o Colorado la organización Priorities USA presenta a Romney como un millonario desconectado de la realidad y desdeñoso de las tribulaciones económicas de los latinos.

“Los pobres no son mi principal preocupación”, dice Romney en uno de los anuncios que recuerda el desliz del pasado mes de abril, mientras intentaba explicar que su principal objetivo es la clase media, pero no los más pobres y desfavorecidos porque “de ellos ya se encarga la red de protección social”.

Más del artículo……

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Wisconsin Scott Walker Victory – Unions Ponder What Went Wrong?

Wisconsin Scott Walker Victory – Unions Ponder What Went Wrong?

Labor unions may have suffered a bitter defeat in Tuesday’s historic and unsuccessful recall race in Wisconsin. But some are using it as a rallying cry for engagement in November’s general election. In what is viewed as a victory for Republicans, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fended off attempts at recall and won the right to stay in office — a massive blow, in particular, to organized labor.

But, some labor leaders — who had campaigned against Walker’s agenda, which includes stripping public workers of their union rights — hope to turn that defeat into fuel that helps drive their agenda in November’s elections. “We will never be ready to give it up,” said Hector Sanchez…

Read more of the article written by Raisa Camargo for VOXXI

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All 67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

All 67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

By Judd Legum

On Thursday, the Justice Department demanded Florida Governor Rick Scott end his extensive purge of registered voters from the rolls because it was in violation of federal law. Scott still hasn’t formally responded but his county election supervisors have already taken action.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Florida elections supervisors said Friday they will discontinue a state-directed effort to remove names from county voter rolls because they believe the state data is flawed and because the U.S. Department of Justice has said the process violates federal voting laws…

The Justice Department letter and mistakes that the 67 county elections supervisors have found in the state list make the scrub undoable, said Martin County Elections Supervisor Vicki Davis, president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections…

Ron Labasky, the association’s general counsel, sent a memo to the 67 supervisors Friday telling them to stop processing the list.

“I recommend that Supervisors of Elections cease any further action until the issues raised by the Department of Justice are resolved between the parties or by a Court,” Labasky wrote.

Previously, the State of Florida indicated they intended to accelerate the purge. Florida has until June 6 to respond to the Justice Department.

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Problemas Políticos

Los problemas políticos desde el punto de vista conceptual, lo miramos como las relaciones de pueblos a gobiernos y la de los gobiernos entre sí, así como su naturaleza, su constitución y su sistema de poder. Los problemas en política, suelen ser variados y complejos y a la misma ves pueden ser dependientes e independientes, son dependientes cuando estos problemas pasan en determinado país, pero sus consecuencias pueden arrastrar a otros países, hasta el punto que estos últimos deban y en algunos casos tengan que intervenir e inferir en los asuntos internos del primero. Son independientes cuando el problema se produce en un país y este por si solo está en capacidad de resolver sin que de ninguna manera afecte a un segundo o tercero.

Haciendo un análisis político del mundo que hoy compartimos y debido al desarrollo de las comunicaciones, donde cualquier evento de cualquier naturaleza, en el lugar más recóndito del mundo es conocido en cuestión de segundos en el otro extremo del planeta, como también el fenómeno de la globalización económica y política, hacen que de una forma u otra los problemas políticos cada vez se hagan más dependientes uno de los otros y como el internet se han ido entrelazando de forma que en nuestros días es difícil que lo que pase en cualquier sitio, no repercuta en otro de forma inmediata, esto aunque real, no es justificación para que países interfieran en los asuntos internos de otros, para eso existe el derecho internacional de la no intervención y los derechos políticos que es la rama jurídica del derecho relacionado con la política, representado internacionalmente por la corte de la Haya, esta corte es la encargada de resolver cualquier conflicto regional o mundial cuando se producen problemas políticos o de otro orden jurídico.

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Autores Destacados

Autora de Hijas del Abuso

Ketty Rodríguez es una periodista venezolana que realizó estudios en la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

Antes de graduarse, trabajó como interna en la redacción de uno de los periódicos más emblemáticos de Venezuela, el Diario Ultimas Noticias, un medio de corte popular, que le enseñó la cruda realidad de las barriadas caraqueñas, la tensión de las huelgas de trabajadores y obreros y el creciente problema de la delincuencia en las calles de la ciudad.

Posteriormente, trabajó en el Diario de Caracas, un periódico alternativo que intentó llegar a la clase de jóvenes profesionales venezolanos. Allí, Rodríguez trabajó como reportera de sucesos políticos, escribiendo sobre los hechos más sobresalientes del último segundo mandato de Carlos Andrés Pérez, a principios de los 90.

En el 2000, Rodríguez fue contratada por el Nuevo Herald de Miami, para trabajar como reportera de inmigración, pero luego se dedicó por varios años, a escribir sobre las escuelas públicas de Miami Dade, los rejuegos de la politica y su influencia en el presupuesto educativo, y la difusion de logros de maestros y estudiantes por encima de las diferencias culturales y economicas.

En el 2009, salió del periódico para iniciar su carrera de escritora. Rodríguez reside en Miami y tiene un solo hijo, Ignacio Ocando. Usted puede comprar el libro de Ketty Rodríguez, Hijas del Abuso Aquí